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College needs $5 million before spring chapel ground breaking

The following was published in the Hillsdale Collegian on October 20, 2016. It has been reposted with permission from the Hillsdale Collegian Staff.

Despite original hopes of breaking ground for the new chapel last October, Hillsdale College wants $5 million before beginning construction on the $28.6-million building.
Although the college has raised more than $19 million and received pledges toward the 27,000-square-foot Christ Chapel, Chief Administrative Officer Rich Péwé said he wants the additional funds because of the size of the project and its timeline. Nonetheless, he said he hopes to break ground in June.

“This is a two-year construction project,” Péwé said. “So even in the first year, you’re going to have a pretty significant bill closer to $15 million.”

The chapel would enclose the fourth side of the Quad, sitting between the Dow Leadership Center and the Grewcock Student Union. It would seat up to 1,300 people. Although the chapel wouldn’t hold regular Sunday services, it coul…