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American View: Highlights of CPAC

In this episode of American View, Ben Dietderich recaps the most memorable moments from the weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference. It features one-on-one interviews conducted by Ben with prominent conservative leaders including Ben Shapiro, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, Senator Candidate John James, and more!

This episode originally aired on Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM.

Interview with Heritage President Kay Cole James at CPAC 2018

Ben Dietderich interviews the newly appointed president of the largest conservative think tank in the United States, Kay Cole James. Listen as, James explains what she thinks it means to be a black conservative.

American View: A Special on Guns and Our Culture

This episode of American View is a special feature dedicated to the recent school shooting that occurred in Parkland, FL. Ben discusses the reactions from those close to the victims, our political leaders and what our proper response moving forward should be. In the second half, a student panel weighs in.

Listen as Ben challenges his fellow conservatives to act and hear how he contrasts the dark shooting with the heroic American story in Clint Eastwood's newest movie: 15:17 to Paris.

This episode originally aired on Radio Free Hillsdale, 101.7 FM.

American View: February 12, 2018

Check out this weeks episode of American View where we discuss the meaning of our show's name, the new budget, DACA, and much more. Conservative, libertarian and liberal viewpoints, they're all there!

This episode originally aired on Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM.

American View: February 5, 2018

On the first episode of American View, host Ben Dietderich goes behind enemy lines to hear Democratic reactions to the State of the Union, interviews a recently retired FBI agent on the Nunes memo, and more.
Note: In order to offer a wider range of content, The Devil's Advocate has undergone a name and branding change. It's the same host and producers but we'll now be bringing you, American View, a show dedicated to tough questions, understanding a variety of views while bringing Americans the truth they deserve.

This episode originally aired on Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM.