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What The Success Of ‘Black Panther’ Says About The American People

"At a time when our country feels more divided than any living American can recall, 'Black Panther’s' success shines light on the values many American across the country still agree upon."

Check out my full article from The Federalist by clicking here.

American View: March 26, 2018

Ben Dietderich sits down with prominent on campus libertarian Brendan Noble and conservative Razi Lane to discuss John Bolton and the fifteen year anniversary of the Iraq War. He also talks with a student from Loyola University-Chicago who attended the "March for Our Lives" about gun control and the recent school safety movement.

American View: March 19, 2018

In this episode of American View, Ben dives into the repercussions of the recent Republican loss in Pennsylvania, the nationwide school walkout, the box-office hit movie Black Panther and more.