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American View: Ambassador Trevor D. Traina

The US Ambassador to Austria, Trevor D. Traina joins Ben Dietderich via phone from Vienna, Austria and talks about his recent trip to the Oval Office, and America's stance on trade and socialism with the EU and Austria. Plus, Ben digs up some old clips of Bernie Sanders talking about his love for bread lines.

American View: Getting high off socialism

Jussie Smollett gets arrested for faking a hate crime, Kamala Harris gets in trouble with her dad for exploiting her Jamaican past and Ben revisits a trip to Austria where he spoke to a libertarian philosopher about socialism in Austria.

American View: Presidential Drinking

Mark Will-Weber, author of Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking joins Ben after Presidents Day Weekend to discuss the drinking habits of our nation's presidents. Ben also talks about Bernie Sanders's recent announcement, Trump's recently declared National emergency and more.

American View: The Green Leap Forward

Dr. Charles N. Steele joins American View to discuss the scary realities of what the Green New Deal could bring to America. Ben also discusses the border funding compromise, and the latest from the 2020 campaign trail.

American View: February 12, 2019

Ben explains what is in the Green New Deal, James Wierman joins to discuss a fiery night in El Paso and more on this episode of American View!

American View: February 5, 2018

In this episode, Ben Dietderich and Jack McPherson talk about the latest debate facing the nation on abortion, the controversies in Virginia and the upcoming State of the Union.