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American View: The Season Finale

In the last episode of this season, Ben returns to the core messages he has set forth throughout the past year: the war of ideas, socialism's bitter comeback and what Trump needs to do to ensure victory. Special thanks to Jenna Suchyta, for producing the past academic year. She will be stepping down following graduation in May.

Special programming can be expected during the summer months. Follow American View - WRFH on Facebook for more information.

American View: Joe Biden Enters the Race

Joe Biden enters the race for president and James Wierman joins Ben to discuss a camp in the pacific northwest that has a surprisingly large influence. Ben previews his documentary series on Camp Parsons that will be released this summer.

American View: "Green Book" and the Impeachers

Ben discusses the Mueller Investigation and why Democrats and Republicans should learn from 2019 Best Picture "Green Book" and its message that "dignity always prevails."

American View: Natural Rights vs. the Alt-Right

Bernie Sanders' biggest townhall of the election cycle, Robert Deniro and White Supremacist Richard Spencer all make it into today's episode of American View.

American View: Will Witt and PragerU

PragerU's Will Witt joins Ben in the studio, sharing his story and commenting on the news of the day.

American View: "Trump Aftershock"

On this episode, Ben interviews Stephen Strang, CEO of the evangelical media organization, Charisma Media, and author of Trump Aftershock and God and Donald Trump.