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American View: Special Interview with RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel on Impeachment

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel returns to American View to discuss the Republican Party reaction to the beginning of impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives.

American View: When the Pelosi Dam Broke

In this episode of American View, political strategist, Henry Olsen, joins Ben Dietderich and Alex Nester to discuss the impact of impeachment proceedings on 2020 elections. Ben and Alex also read the bilateral call transcripts in question on the air, allowing listeners to come to their own conclusions.

American View: From Mackinac Republicans, To Hypocrisy and Alarmism

In this episode, Ben Dietderich recounts and replays moments from his trip to Mackinac Island including an interview with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Tim Wahlberg, NRSC Press Secretary Nathan Brand and the fake scandal regarding the Vice President’s mode of transportation. He also discusses the hypocrisy of the Democrat’s steak fry and their use of children in their climate change alarmism.

American View: The Crisis of Our Time

Ben Dietderich and Alex Nester discuss Sen. Josh Hawley’s transformative speech on the crisis America’s current generation faces: to choose between governing by the elite or the people. AND Bob Norton, former head legal counsel for Chrysler joins them to discuss President Trump’s decision to rescind California’s regulatory power of auto emissions.

American View: Justice On Trial and Former White House Spokesman Michael Anton

In this JAM-PACKED episode of American View, Molly Hemingway and Michael Anton join Ben Dietderich in Washington DC at Hillsdale College’s DC Campus. Molly Hemingway responds to recent accusations against Justice Kavanaugh from the New York Times in context to her book, Justice On Trial, a bestselling account of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle. THEN, former National Security Council member and Trump White House spokesman, Michael Anton, explains why he left the White House the day before John Bolton arrived and how Americans should understand Bolton’s views in comparison to the President’s.

American View: To Live Free or Die Chinese?

On this episode of American View, Ben Dietderich and Alex Nester dive into the struggles for freedom and democracy across the globe. They speak with prominent US-China relations expert, Gordon Chang, about his recent visit to Hong Kong. They also ask an 18-year-old friend of Ben’s who recently traveled to North Korea about his experience and recent reports of Christian persecution. Ben also shares an exclusive preview of his documentary series on scouting, Where All Trails End.