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American View: Henry Olsen on Impeachment and Dem. Debate

Washington Post columnist and regular guest, Henry Olsen joins Ben to discuss last night’s Democratic debate, the ongoing impeachment proceedings and how Americans are reacting to everything happening in Washington. Plus, Ben shares the good and the ugly from last night’s debate.

American View: Lights, Camera, Impeach!

Ben reviews the first day of public hearings, and offers a prediction of what both sides need to do if they wish to come out unharmed come the 2020 election cycle. Ben also showcases Clint Eastwood’s newest movie and explains its contemporary relevance given America’s current state.

American View: With All Due Respect, Tear Down This Wall!

Nikki Haley, Ronald Reagan and a fresh look inside the Trump White House all get discussed in this episode. Ben provides a first-hand look at Nikki Haley’s new book, “With All Due Respect”, released earlier this morning, and discusses the important parts other media outlets haven’t brought up. Alex provides an account of the current situation in Hong Kong, and in honor of Veteran’s Day and 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, American View shares the story of how Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down this Wall” speech came to be written.

American View: Matthew Mehan on Lost Ideals and Darkness

Hillsdale in DC Director of Academic Programs, Matthew Mehan, joins Ben for a Literature Speaks hour. In this episode, they break down a poem by Charles Baudelaire and connect its dark words to those troubled in our culture today. From pop-fiction such as the new Joker film to the very real Antifa movement, twisted ends have become a justification for sensational violence. In this episode, Mehan explains how.