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American View: Britain says R.I.P. to the E.U.

As Britain finally exits the European, Ben and Alex celebrate the occasion by sharing the best moments of the tumultuous British fight for sovereignty. The whole crew makes their predictions for whether witnesses will be called later this evening in President Trump’s impeachment trial and Ben breaks down how the President could be ACQUITTED in a matter of hours. Enjoy the good spirits on this HISTORIC Friday with the American View crew so that you’ll remember what to tell your kids about this day in history.

American View: Bombshell Bolton delivers a smoking gun?

Last night, the New York Times leaked excerpts of Bolton’s new book detailing a conversation between Pres. Trump and Bolton, where Bolton claims Trump tied Ukrainian aid to investigating Biden. What does all this mean and how much can Bolton be trusted? Ben answers all this on today’s American View. Hillary Clinton also makes a big splash this weekend as her new documentary premiered. She also called Mark Zuckerberg “authoritarian” for NOT censoring “fake” news in an interview this weekend.

American View: President Trump speaks at March for Life

American View: How Martin Luther King Rejected Identity Politics

Martin Luther King Jr. believed in the equality principle of the Declaration of Independence. So did Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and the American founders. Do most American’s still believe – or even understand it today? In this episode, Ben explains why all Americans should be proud of the ideas their country was founded on and how Martin Luther King helped further actualize the truths in America’s mission statement. Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with the crew from American View and be informed on what makes King especially relevant in today’s divided America.