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Where All Trails End - Episode 3, Summer Days

"It was a different time back then" or at least, so we are told. In this episode of Where All Trails End – Stories of Scouting from the Pacific Northwest, hear about what Boy Scout camp was like in the 20th century and experience the Camp Parsons of today. Be prepared to experience the campfires, dining hall songs, troop life, the pier jump and decide for yourself whether Baden Powell was right when he declared “a week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room." This episode also features a profile on Bill Gates' scouting experience.

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American View: Dr. Jeffrey Barke on Anti-Body Testing Results

Dr. Jeffrey Barke, a physician practicing in Orange County, California, shares the results of the anti-body tests he’s given his patients thus far and why he thinks anti-body testing and herd immunity will lead to the economy reopening in the coming month. Listen, as he provides some hope this Easter weekend and tells you what all the media outlets will be talking about next week. Ben and Teddy also discuss Gov. Whitmer and her attorney general’s poor handling of the virus in Michigan thus far and argue for the voters to reject all that she stands for come November.

American View: On Quarantine with Victor Davis Hanson

Bestselling author and historian Victor Davis Hanson phones in to discuss Trump, Coronavirus and the MASSIVE impact anti-body testing may have in the near future. Listen as Dr. Hanson explains a possible reason the virus hasn’t hit the West Coast as bad as the East and what it could mean for the ongoing duration of the nationwide quarantine. Later in the show, Rich Masters, the senior vice president at BIO, the world’s largest trade organization for biotechnology firms, joins Ben to discuss cures that his organization is coordinating with the White House. Teddy Birkofer also tells you what most in the media won’t about recently released job numbers.